Learning 5.0
Learning 5.0

Transformation of an academy into a qualification network

Transformation of an academy into a qualification network

Mission and challenges

  • Review of the areas of training and continuing education incl. the Academy as part of the realignment of the corporate strategy 2025
  • Development of the educational strategy
  • Redundancy-free, focused and meaningfully digitized product portfolio
  • Optimization of the collaboration model, role concepts and organizational structure in terms of E2E responsibility
  • Further development and consolidation of the IT landscape ensures better accessibility and transparency


  • Development of a vision / mission / USP for the purpose of deriving a sustainable education strategy
  • Translation into a new business and management model as well as standardized reporting processes
  • Definition of a qualification and portfolio structure
  • Conception of an efficient and adaptable organizational structure
  • Elaboration of role descriptions and competence profiles
  • Establishment of an efficient as well as adaptable IT infrastructure by means of LXP/ SF

Result / Output

  • Adaptable qualification network with divisional academies, universities and external partners
  • Concentration of own training performance on core areas and future topics - including transformation management
  • Supplier management leads to reduction of service depth and more flexible resource management
  • Digitization, automation and standardization enable consistent, self-directed learning with the help of an LXP


  • The support of top management is critical to success, as is the early involvement of the social partner
  • Sustainable change and communication support as well as enablement of managers and employees are indispensable
  • Holistic view of the subject of learning has developed the original evolutionary mandate into an area transformation

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